Novell: OpenSolaris will not help Sun

Novell CEO, Jack Messman, said OpenSolaris will not help Sun — Novell reports healthy results:

Sun, despite its open source effort and its move into Novell’s turf — with servers using x86 processors such as Intel’s Xeon and AMD’s Opteron — isn’t worrying Messman. Of the OpenSolaris plan, he said, “I don’t see it helping them or hurting us.”

Ok, so just how do you support the notion that OpenSolaris will not help Sun, Jack? Got any substantiation for that? I just put another dozen developers into the OpenSolaris Pilot Program, and they gave me a dozen reasons why OpenSolaris will help them. So, if the program is helping Solaris developers, I think it’s logical to assume that Sun will benefit as well. Isn’t that reasonable? After all, we are designing the program to be mutually beneficial to Sun, our partners and customers, and our developers and system administrators. Win, win, win, win. As far as OpenSolaris “hurting” you, well, that’s not the issue. We are building a community here. No one has to get hurt. Customers and developers will decide what’s best for them and Novell and Sun will do just fine.

So, what prompted Novell’s snide comment? No clue. But maybe Jonathan’s download count (around 539K now) of Solaris has some people nervous out there. I wonder what the OpenSolaris downloads will be when we open? I’ll make a note to myself to track that.


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