Schwartz on OpenSolaris from Paris

Lots of Solaris and OpenSolaris talk in this IDG News Q&A — Sun president talks databases, Sparc and HP — even though OpenSolaris didn’t make the headline:

Schwartz: We’re obviously serving our existing customers with the existing Solaris. Open source Solaris is a means of reaching new Solaris customers, and customers who have decided to run on HP, Dell, IBM or any of 400 other equipment makers’ hardware. Customers have articulated a preference for running open source software — customers who want to interact with the source code and maybe modify it to experiment with performance, or just out of curiosity. It really opens a world of new customers.

IDG: Do existing customers benefit, too?

Schwartz: Of course. There is no downside to being an open-source operating system; transparency is a good thing.

IDG: What types of new customers do you expect to attract?

Schwartz: Given the pricing model attached to it — which is free — it’s a wonderful way of appealing to a broad new set of markets. The barriers to adopting Solaris have been reduced to zero. As to which markets it will open, I think everything from the Brazilian government, which has expressed a preference for open source software, to academic environments that want a good teaching platform.

And there’s a lot more Solaris stuff. But this is my favorite quote right here:

IDG: You talk often about Red Hat as if its your big competitor, but many ISVs now also support SuSE Linux, thanks to Novell’s involvement. Hasn’t the market changed a lot?

Schwartz: The number-one competitor for Solaris is not Red Hat, it is Windows. We see that market now opening up. Open source Solaris gives us access to huge new market opportunities. No one has to lose for Solaris to win. What we all expect to see is a widescale build-out of Internet infrastructure, where Solaris’ value proposition around scale and security and real innovation will give us a leg up. For us to win no one needs to lose, we just have to grow faster than the rest of them.

That’s the essence of community building to me.


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