Nice Solaris Review

Thanks, James, for the pointer to Mad Penguin’s First Look At Solaris 10. Here’s the conclusion:

Solaris 10 is a rather amazing OS. I learn quickly, but I was hard pressed to even tap the surface of Solaris. It is very fast, has new features that are revolutionary and old features that are not very well known, but deserve to be. Its hardware support could, and I think will, be improved, some software will be difficult to compile and it can be difficult to use at times when coming from other NIX. However, any relatively knowledgeable user should give it a shot. You may be impressed.

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4 thoughts on “Nice Solaris Review

  1. Funny, that same site should have this:

    The Boring State of Operating Systems Today</br>
    Back in the ’80s and the ’90s there were a lot of OS projects that would draw the attention of the computer users of the time. But in this decade, it seems that other than Windows, OSX, Linux and a very few other much smaller OSes, the scene is sterile.


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