A Solaris Customer Responds

Really nice response here from Che Kristo at Xolinc to a recent article in the press. It’s a long piece, but here’s my favorite part:

The point is Sun have really opened up their eyes over the past year and started listening to the customer, their blogs at blogs.sun.com are but the surface of a total shift in the companies behaviour. Sun is now an open company, a reputation that draws a deep contrast to the public perception of SCO which is a book unto itself. Does OpenServer have anything like DTrace, Zones or SIP in kernel? Why are these things in Solaris 10? I’ll give you a clue, Sun have spent a lot of time working with their customers to find what would really help them. Telco’s wanted SIP in the kernel and they got it, Data Centers wanted a way to trace processes and applications to find bottlenecks and show stoppers and they got DTrace.

Thanks, Che. We appreciate the kind words. We are trying to open up here. We’ve come a long way, especially this past year on Solaris, but there’s still a long way to go. And yes, blogs.sun.com has changed the company in some pretty dramatic ways. In fact, the team that created blogs.sun.com just won the Chairman’s Award, so this trend toward openness is being recognized by the very top levels of the company. And there will be more where this came from.


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  1. Shucks 😉 No problem

    I wouldn’t say it if it wasn’t true. As I said I really like where Sun is going, transparency is a great thing.


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