“The juiciest market in the world”

Ok, so I’ve been back to work for a few days. I’m still a bit numb and need a lot more sleep, but I’m slowly starting to catch up and get my new dad legs. I’ll probably blog some stuff I missed over the past month for safe keeping right here. In between diaper changes, of course.

So what welcomes we back? IBM and Red Hat. Charming. Over the last couple of days I see the duo has teamed up in a well coordinated public relations campaign to go after Solaris (again) — IBM and Red Hat Chase the Solaris Base Some More:

Red Hat has enlisted the aid of IBM to go after the juiciest market in the world: the vast installed base of Solaris servers that were deployed in 2000 and early 2001.

“The juiciest market in the world.” Love it.

Look, everyone’s gunning for Solaris — which, of course, demonstrates the viability and longevity of the system itself, the talent of the engineers who developed it, and the value of the Solaris market. Those systems sold way back in 2000 are probably humming right along with Solaris 8 or 9, but a lot has changed in five years around here and I bet IBM and Red Hat have noticed. There’s more to come, too, guys. And soon. Perhaps that’s what’s behind all the fuss? Probably. It’s going to be an interesting couple of months out there, don’t you think?

Also, IBM and Red Hat have to hit Sun hard on this issue. The timing for them is perfect — Solaris 10 just recently shipped and OpenSolaris is not available yet (though DTrace certainly is). But time is rapidly running out, too. Sun’s screw up with x86 is now looking pretty old, and the company has more than made up for it with S10, OpenSolaris, Opteron, and those new Andy Bechtelsheim boxes in the works. So, the new business model, product set, and developer programs are starting to come together. Just imagine the consequences for IBM and Red Hat when Sun re-engages “the juiciest market in the world” with an entirely new story for the installed base, while simultaneously moving aggressively into new markets with new offerings? This wasn’t supposed to happen. Sun was supposed to be dead (several times over) by now, remember? Sorry, guys. It’s a new day.

Oh, and while I’ve been catching up on my reading this week, I tripped over this article: Up and Running on Solaris 10. Read it along with all the PR on IBM and Red Hat for a little balance. May the best system win.


9 thoughts on ““The juiciest market in the world”

  1. Jim,
    Please check you electronic messages at SUN, information regarding my ‘appliance’ awaits you there.


  2. William … I think we’ll have to give Andy’s new systesm a chance. Let’s ship ’em and see. And your “appliance” would be?


  3. Open source is great, when you use you are in heaven because there is no bad people in the open communities. I’m a Fedora user and I like it but in my job, for our servers, we always use Solaris when we need high availability and high performance for our Java developments. God save the Solaris JVM


  4. RED HAT certainly has inferior ‘code’ that requires Armonk’s support for validity.
    However, GNU/Linux software for CELL based hardware is being developed as we converse.
    Mr. Torvalds now codes on supplied PPC hardware creating software appropriate for CELL based product deployment.
    Hardware displayed this past week portends a ‘leap’ in IT technology not recently witnessed.
    A forthcoming PC replacement ‘appliance’ has just been demonstrated by those ‘Sunny Boys’.
    The next twelve (12) months will tell, sadly, Andy’s new boxes won’t solve this malady.
    Thankfully, I have an ‘appliance’ that will.


  5. [Trackback] I am quite frankly amazed at the amount of hype and press that this is getting.
    Did anyone actually bother to read what is being offered here?
    There is really nothing new. All vendors offer migration services from their competitors to their o…


  6. Jim, I posted a comment on one of the press articles of this along the lines of …

    There’s really nothing new to see here.
    All vendors offer migration services, that cost money.
    What appears to be getting downplayed here is that the only free part of this new service is the quote. That is, all that is being offered is that they will freely tell you how long the hoover will be in your wallet.



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