Sun PR on Blogging

My buddy Noel talks PR and blogs — Survival of the Publicists — in Naked Conversations, a book by Shel Israel and Robert Scoble:

Noel Hartzell, at Sun Microsystems says cultures will determine which PR teams will evolve and which will not. “Our PR team is thinking about how to use technology and culture as a corporate weapon and blogging does both.” He said the Sun communications team sees itself as information gatherers, analyzers and counselors directed their energies toward a series of communities. “A bad way to do PR for them is to blast press releases every Thursday. We help feed the right information into the right channels. What could be better for a PR organization than blogs,” he said


2 thoughts on “Sun PR on Blogging

  1. Jim,
    1) A review of AMD product information today indicates they are assisting in alternate software proliferation at your expense.
    a) That which does NOT condone taking ‘swipes’ at another business in public as PA’s conclude you are desperate for ANY business.
    b) LISTEN and then respond to clientele ‘desires’, this includes ‘what if’ new product ideas.
    c) Offer superior service as STANDARD FARE! This statement does NOT imply ‘FREE as in BEER’.
    a) ‘Perception’ indicates SUN has become yet another IT company now fallen on hard times.
    b) The ‘Perception’ of your OpenSolaris debut will determine SUN’s future viability within IT.
    a) INNOVATE, ‘core’ hardware or software product are already invented and contained within your company. How can ‘dumb me’ identify ‘hidden’ SUN corporate assets?
    b) Satisfy an underserved ‘North American’ IT market WHILE carefully launching and/or supporting your existing global efforts.


  2. Jim,
    I hope you received my alternate communication and that it assist’s with OpenSolaris.
    Ask NH if SUN always have to be at ‘war’ with someone? Sounds like a ‘post industrial’ mindset.
    Ever wonder why nobel ‘open source’ or ‘community’ efforts are often viewed with suspicion, could be backlash against SUN PR announcements.
    Interesting news within IT today,
    1)OpenSolaris use of GRUB depicted.
    2)Franklin spell checking and hyphenating within the forthcoming StarOffice 8 software.
    3) Cupertino mulling use of INTEL x86 hardware?
    4) AMD announcing x86 GEODE LX800 ware, an equivilent to inexpensive VIA product? A PR ploy?


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