Danica Patrick: Indy Girl

Wild race today at the Indy 500. Special congrats go out to fourth place finisher Danica Patrick — the 23 year old rookie who started impressively and incredibly quick and held her own for almost half the race, then stalled in the pits on lap 79 and fell way back in the field, then tapped wheels with someone (kinda dangerous at 225 mph for open-wheel racers), then spun in turn 4 on lap 155 (taking out a few guys in the process in a nice little wreck that she survived), then took the lead decisively with a dozen laps or so to go only to give up that lead at the very end. Wow. She blew away a gallon of records, of course.

That kid has talent and guts and focus. I’m going to have to start following Indy cars again. I’m drawn to people who strive and achieve and overcome. I collect their stories, and I study how they do it, whatever “it” is. Maybe it’s time to get back to Indiana … I haven’t been to the race in a few years. It’s an amazing place. If you’ve never seen (felt, actually) an Indy car rip the air apart at 225 mph, it’s well worth the experience. You see more on TV, of course, but you feel it all at the track.


One thought on “Danica Patrick: Indy Girl

  1. I’m a F1 fan myself. Actually, I used to watch F1 alot, and this year (exciting season) I’ve picked up the habit again. I basically like pretty much all automotive sports events, but I haven’t watched the Indy series for some time now. It’s great there is a female driver challenging the gents, if she keeps up this kind of pace, she’ll make it to F1 in no time, I bet some global sponsors would like to attract more female audiences to F1.
    You’re right, being at the track is one heck of a experience, even if half of the time you don’t quite know whats going on! 😉


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