Solaris: Changing Perceptions

Analyst Stacey Quandt today on Cnet — Sun ad campaign to buff ‘sharing’ image:

“Sun, through Jonathan Schwartz and Solaris, is on the path toward changing long-held perceptions about the company.”

Nice to see leading the way.


3 thoughts on “Solaris: Changing Perceptions

  1. “every MS employee shout ‘Sun down!'”
    Hehe, I think the joke’s on Microsoft. They are struggling so much to maintain a value proposition in the face of open standards based systems. Even their new XML-based Office suite will have some sort of lock-in on the server side. They just can’t seem to maneuver out of their software-only business model.


  2., NetBeans, Tomcat (a few years ago), Open Solaris (tomorrow), … This is great. What I don’t understand is Sun+Microsoft when last meeting in Seatle every MS employee shout “Sun down!”. The new generation of developers don’t want Microsoft in our lifes. We want unix-like systems everywhere. Java is already everywhere 🙂


  3. Jim,
    Saw your photo taken at last evenings OSUG, is that a DIGITAL Camera? 🙂
    1) Give ‘Open Solaris’ some props!
    2) Project Looking Glass on Open Solaris would certainly help SUN realize ‘new’ success within IT.
    3) Your Palo Alto competitor has just introduced new, lower cost ‘Thin Client’ computing ware.


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