Innovating from the Brink

Some nice bits in this ZDNet UK piece — Sun’s fighting chance. First, it’s always funny when a competitor attacks in the press and the reporter balances. That usually means the attack is just too much. You have to be careful when you say silly stuff like this. This is the first two paragraphs of the article with HP’s quote … I set in bold red the good part:

“Sun’s move reeks of desperation. Their server market share continues to decline, and they’ve taken their eye off the ball again with yet another strategic blunder, making an acquisition in an area of storage that does not promise high growth over the long term”

While HP is not in any position to be accusing anyone of “strategic blunders”, its take on Sun’s acquisition of tape-storage specialist StorageTek is not completely out of whack with the groundswell of reaction to a deal worth an estimated $4.1bn. It is of course totally biased, but it is also largely inline with the opinion out there.

So, I know next to nothing about storage. I’ll have to trust Scott, Jonathan, Mark, and Greg. They make more money than I do (and just spent more, too :)). But what I like about this article — aside from the slap at HP — is that I got to read a bit about both sides on this StorageTek deal — the so-called good and the so-called bad. In our world of shrill, the piece seemed pretty balanced.

But the conclusion is the best part. Here’s the scene: we’re on the brink (this is Sun … we’re always on the brink with some near-death experience), but we’re fighting our way back:

The aquisition of StorageTek may not be revolutionary but along with the recent purchase of Tarantella, the moves to open source Solaris and its innovative pricing models for server capacity and storage, Sun is at least trying to innovate its way back from the brink….

Love it. Oh, and there’s Solaris again — right in the middle of it all.


One thought on “Innovating from the Brink

  1. Jim,
    I received my notification from Mr. McNealy and replied about ‘lack of innovation’ presented by this aquisition.
    Within the mass storage arena, ‘solid state’ media, Blu-Ray and/or C3D ware interest IT.
    I don’t care what medium ‘data’ is stored on today, what it will be saved on TOMORROW.
    These forthcoming technologies can be pre-sold to clientele.
    Monies are a limited resource, spend assets on internal innovation like ‘Open Solaris’.
    ‘Monetize SUN Innovation’!


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