Blogging Is Not Fundamental

This headline caught my eye today — Blogging Is Not Fundamental. Its a long, buzzword-filled piece about traditional marketing from Robert Manning, who is the director of interactive communications at UPS (although I didn’t see much “interacting” in Mr. Manning’s marketing). Anyway, Manning assures us he loves blogs for their authentic voices, but he then hits us with this:

What concerns me about blogs is the signal to noise ratio — do we really need all these niche, special-interest blogs, or will it become increasingly difficult to find relevance amidst the seas of personal web journals (or diatribes) without much to offer the broader constituency?

Signal to noise ratio? Yah, right. Like the marketing industry has any credibility in the signal to noise category. My goodness. But Manning trips over a couple of elements that are really fundamental to blogging and make blogging fun — niche, special interest, personal journals, diatribes. Sorry if we’re getting in your way, Robert. We’ll try and be quiet.