Some CDDL Clips

Here are two CDDL clips I tripped over recently and a couple of excerpts:

Changes in open-source licensing hot topic at LinuxWorld, by Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols and Peter Galli

As a result of the enterprise’s penetration of open source, the open-source licenses will change as well. Exactly how this change will play out isn’t clear, but [Steven] Henry [an IP attorney at Wolf Greenfield & Sachs] expects “economics to prevail over doctrine.”

One shape this might take, according to Steve Garone, vice president and senior analyst for the research house Ideas International Ltd., is Sun’s CDDL. “Sun just might be on the right path,” he said.

What is the biggest problem with open source? by Dana Blankenhorn

What is the biggest problem faced by the open source community? Is it marketing or our business model?

I think it’s marketing. Over the weekend I proposed a Web ad campaign called “I am open source.” Picture big corporate users of GPL software, real business celebrities, and link to case studies. Show people that open source is not pushed by commie-fag-junkies, but by serious people with serious problems.

I shared this perspective with Paul Murphy. He disagreed. “I see Linux succeeding as a political movement but weakened by the lack of economic incentives,” he wrote. Open source has a business model problem, one which licenses like the CDDL can help solve, he added.


One thought on “Some CDDL Clips

  1. Jim,
    What’s the problem with CDDL?
    Friday, I finally got a call ‘in support’ of SUN ware.
    This customer was mass-mail ‘wormed’ and had infected computers EVERYWHERE!
    His ISP sent an e-mail message informing this client about ‘violation and subsequent termination’ of contract.
    Be advised, SYMANTEC’s best internet appliance AND associated AntiVirus software was ‘on guard’.
    Unfortunately, AntiVirus software does not stop Ad or Spyware.
    The planets MUST be aligning!


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