Stitching Blogs

Great quote here from Schwartz on blogging in this Dan Farber piece today from Supernova in San Francisco — Schwartz: Blogs are essential for leadership:

Schwartz noted that the convenience of blogging – instant publishing – underlies the power of the medium, easily engaging with a broad marketplace. “[Blogs] are part of leveraging our corporate culture as a competitive weapon and reaching and cultivating a community,” Schwartz said.  “It stitches together the company and the community.”

That last part is most important — how a corporation becomes part of a community. This is a critical part of the OpenSolaris project. Most open source projects start with a small community and code base and grow big and complex over time. But with OpenSolaris we are starting with a massive code base and an already global market that is right now transforming into a community — all under the watchful eyes of the media, analysts, competitors, and supporters. So, this stitching bit has some meaning here.

But the best part of the Farber post is the exchange between Schwartz and Amy Wohl. You’ll love this:

He also said that the distinction between intranet and extranet communications will dissolve. “Over time, more of what we do will be external and public,” Schwartz said.


Amy Wohl asked Schwartz whether allowing competitors to see  internal communications, such as giving kudos to specific employees, could make those employees more susceptible to poaching by competing firms. Schwartz responded: “[Competitors’ employees] can also see if I am more compelling than their leaders.” 

Too funny.

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