Painful But Challenging

Now here’s a really painful article — Solaris comes down from its high horse. Not because of the high-minded sarcasm in the text at times (that’s pretty easy to shoot down), but because much of the article is true. We did screw up some key  things around Solaris and x86, and we admitted those mistakes, too. That always seems to be left out of the “you’re-too-late” articles. Anyway, things are very different now. There are different people making decisions around here. There’s a new generation of engineers who built Solaris 10 over the last few years. The OpenSolaris community is taking its first steps toward collaboration, and more people at Sun are getting directly involved in the community. We view this this entire project as a massive opportunity to build a community and improve the system, not something we are resigned to as the article states. Resignation is simply not a part of the Solaris community.

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