Ok, I had a bad day last Sunday and Monday. Two days, I guess. I didn’t get any sleep (baby) Sunday nite. My car died, too. I had to push the thing into the garage from the street — up a slight incline, too. Really good for the back, I’ll tell ya. I haven’t done that in years. Then I had to get up really early, after having gotten no sleep, to get the car to the garage and get to work on the train, which was full, of course, so I had to stand up the whole way next to a guy who had the flu. A few hours later, I get the call from the garage to come get the car (can’t leave it over night), and we’ll take a tad over a grand for our troubles. Nice. Now I’m mad. The car is in the Sunset district of San Francisco, and I’m downtown and want to stay downtown for the blogger beer gathering and the OpenSolaris BOF at JavaOne Monday nite. I can’t do both. Not enough time. Best to get the car and just go to bed. Which is what I did.

Here’s the “perspective” part of this. I was pissed. Really pissed. Not only for dumping more than a grand into a car that has 160k miles, but for having to push it off the street and for having to miss my meetings on top of that. My wife’s reaction to all this? “Oh, that’s ok. We’re lucky. We’re lucky we didn’t get stuck shopping with a crying baby on Saturday 30 miles from home. And you didn’t get into an accident, so you’re ok. And the car could have been much worse, right?” That’s it? No stress. No strain. No popping aneurysm. Just, “we’re lucky” and “it could have been worse?” Yah, I suppose. Perspective. I wonder, though, what’s life like when you react that way all the time to this stuff? That’s why my wife fascinates me. She reacts just that way to each and every pain-in-the-ass thing that comes along. Amazing. She’s far more relaxed that I am, too.


3 thoughts on “Perspective

  1. Yah, Mike. You are correct. She grew up very differently than I did, that’s for sure. 🙂 When I was over in Japan last time, I asked her father for a Buddhist mantra I could meditate on to help me relax. He gave me this: Namuamidabutsu. It means “everything” or “God” basically. I used to meditate when I was younger, but I got away from it for years. I’ve started up again, though, and I find myself saying Namuamidabutsu all day long now. 🙂


  2. Jim,
    Women are usually right!
    12-09-2003 is a date which will be forever important to me, my MINI-STROKE day.
    After spending these past few years recuperating, while running an IT business, I ceased being an ‘A’ personality.
    Life is better while OPEN projects have allowed me to create my best IT ware. (‘DCD’ project)
    Think you had car trouble? My brother ‘totaled’ my auto while I was ‘on my back’ in hospital.
    No worries. Have a GREAT Holiday!


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