Red Herring on Sun

You catch this Red Herring article — Sun Micro Feels the Heat? It’s a pretty wild one. The link was live a few days ago, then, poof, it went away behind the pay wall, and now it’s live and free again. Whatever. If the link is dead again you can read the hard copy. Just look for the full cover black and white image of Scott looking extremely stressed out, biting his finger, and sporting dark shadows under his eyes. Pretty clear editorial choice made with the placement of that image, eh? I don’t know who wrote the article, since there’s no writer identified, but presumably someone wrote it. Maybe I missed it. It’s late. Anyway, it’s one of those extremist pieces we get around here from time to time. But what’s sad about it is that even if there were substantive points in the article, how can anyone recognize them when the article is so one-sided? I mean, really, count the sources — I came up with something like 22 sources attacking Sun and only Sun’s Larry Singer defending Sun. Twenty two to one?

And it’s not only the number of sources, it’s the fact that Red Herring treats us to a string of these guys — “one Sun employee” … “a former employee” … “an anonymous employee” … “former insiders” …”one former Sun insider” … “one former manager” … “one employee” … and a few repeats, but I think I got most of them. So, is this one source repeated over and over again, or is it multiple sources? The impression is many sources, of course, but how can we really tell? I suppose we’ll just have to trust the objectivity of the reporter on this one. And who are these people? Why are they hiding? What are they afraid of? How can we judge their credibility and the accuracy of their information? And why is this process so utterly closed and cloaked in the secrecy, anyway?

Oh, well. No big deal, I guess. To be honest, I came away from the article more resolute than ever. And I’m not shy about attaching my name to that opinion.

4 thoughts on “Red Herring on Sun

  1. Beware that FISH!
    Remember, ‘within every untruth their lay some truth’.
    FC4 with GNOME 2.10 ‘FLYS’ on most hardware, a fact becoming more obvious on a daily basis.
    Just a thought, ‘Kindly review the now changed ‘generic driver’ OPEN code contained in FC-4 for inclusion within future Solaris-OpenSolaris software.’
    Regarding recent SUN acqusitions,
    “Why buy the COW when you already get the milk for free?’


  2. I really got a kick out of this, “glue sniffing teenagers” and every anti-Sun cliche in one article! When I saw the RH logo, my first thought was “RedHat!” but even our competitors would be embarassed to print such rants. Like you, the article actually improved my outlook on Sun. Yes we have challenges, but if the auther is looking for a corporate basket case, he’d better look elsewhere. Companies who abandoned innovation to undercut Sun will eventually run out of gas. Back when Sun was making every mistake possible to drive customers to the competition (e.g. dropping Solaris X86…), this guy was probably painting a purple prosed halo around Sun.


  3. Well, it’s confusing, I know. Online you get “Sun Micro Feels the Heat.” On the cover of the hard copy you get “Sun Down: Will it Ever Rebound?” And then inside the magazine itself the article’s headline is “Before Sunset.” They are going all it, it seems. It’s pretty funny, actually.


  4. What’s up with the very last line in the article?
    “This story was previously published in Red Herring magazine under the title: Before Sunset”
    Is RH just re-hashing old stories now?


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