Clear Writing

Tim points to some nice comments — Strong Language — about how many engineers, scientists, and military officers write clearly. I’ve seen the exact same phenomenon working with the engineers here at Sun and the scientists, physicians, and veterinarians I knew at Tufts University. It’s not only their writing that tends to be precise, but their speech and their arguments are laser sharp, too. I heard it quite clearly at Supernova a couple of weeks ago from a navy fighter pilot talking about technology and terrorism and many years ago from another navy pilot talking about Tap Code at the Hanoi Hilton. You just know clarity and precision when you hear it or when you read it. You can feel it, can’t you? Good stuff.

By the way, my favorite book on writing is Style: Ten Lessons in Clarity and Grace, by Joseph Williams. It’s one of the best.


3 thoughts on “Clear Writing

  1. Hmmm. Seems like John has not checked out our product line up in a long time. Not sure of any technical person would call Opteron or UIV technology slow.
    As for tape drives, I’ve witnessed some “pretty smart” people lose their jobs that have said things such as “Tape? Why do we need tape when we have RAID 5”.


  2. How brave of you, John. Hiding behind your little computer you come and spit on a perfectly good post on my computer. How brave of you, indeed. I wonder, is that your real name, John?


  3. Sun has lots of free stuff, old slow expensive computers, invests in obsolete tape drives, revenue decline quarter over quarter, no profits, stock price approaching zero. See the problem? Everyone else does. Pass it on to your CEO, I don’t think he sees the problem, or is he the … Is that clear enough.


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