More Transparency

A little more transparency going on here. This is great news, and special thanks to Bryan, Mike, and Adam for leading the way and moving a rather large chunk of people over to the DTrace list on and taking down an internal list.

We have lots of internal mail lists at Sun (way too many), and over time most of this stuff needs to be opened up (or killed) if we want to build one community. I talked about this list issue in my opening blog when we launched a few weeks ago as one of the areas we needed to improve on within the pilot program. It takes time, but the intentions are becoming very clear — more and more of Sun is opening up and it’s really cool to see.

Although I don’t really hang out on the engineering lists, I do spent a lot of time on the various program lists we have internally. I’m finding it harder and harder to jump back and forth and communicate on “internal” lists and then on “external” lists. And I’m finding more and more that I’m simply skipping the internal list and going right to the community externally. I figure, everyone on the so-called “internal” list is (or should be) on the “external” list, so let’s have the conversation right there on one list as one community. I find things actually move much faster that way even though it involves communicating with a vastly larger group of people. It’s interesting how that works, and it’s something I’m still trying to figure out. Perhaps the transparency removes the bullshit factor, I don’t know. I like it, though. A lot.