PR Campaign?

Interesting piece here in IT Jungle — Java Turns Ten, Still At Odds with .NET, Aloof. It talks about , Sun and IBM and Microsoft, the idea of merging and .NET, more at Sun, and . All good stuff. But then there’s this:

Sun has been on a PR campaign in recent months, both before and after it took its Solaris Unix operating system open source a few weeks ago at, to prove it is the most prolific supplier of corporately developed open source code in the IT industry. No one keeps tabs on this, so it is hard to argue, but given the BSD Unix heritage of Solaris plus the new OpenSolaris, the NSF file system, OpenOffice, Grid Engine, and lots of other things, Sun is probably not exaggerating these claims. But two key pieces of technology–the Java language and the JVM runtime–are still not open source. But Sun is getting closer.

PR Campaign? Sigh. A lot of us here have been trying hard to not have all this look like PR. Oh, well. You win some, you lose some. I’d never make it in marketing, I suppose, but the field fascinates me. I feel pretty good about how all this looks and what we are planning for the future, though. All things considered, it doesn’t look like PR to me.

Later on in the article, Schwartz is quoted (probably from his JavaOne keynote or press conference) talking about more open source from Sun: 

“As far as I am concerned, there is no downside to free and open source software,” he explained. “There is none at all. So what we are announcing today is that we are open sourcing Sun’s server-side implementation of Java. Why? It is a participation thing. We want to get more folks involved. And you should in every way assume that this is the first of many steps. This is only one step forward as we continue to open source all of the software assets at Sun Microsystems….”

All of it? Pretty dramatic. I hope that’s not considered just PR. Time will tell. We’ll just have to prove it. Good article, though.