Solaris on Laptops

Here’s a Solaris on x86 laptops article on that got held up a bit due to the launch. And my baby, quite honestly. There was a lot going on back then, now that I think about it. I have three more articles in the queue.


2 thoughts on “Solaris on Laptops

  1. I would like to add to the bove enlightning article, that things would have been better if SUN created inexpensive Sparc-Laptops. The driver problem would be eliminated or at least be controlled somehow. Sparc laptops offer much more performance. Driversproblems should teach SUN to rethink it Sparc produt line.
    Sparc for the masses, no crappy x86(except AMD). With opensolaris such an attempt would be justified. Driver developers should concentrate on supporting really well the peripherals.


  2. This all sounds really cool any news when its going to be realised, as either Solaris 10 update n or in open solaris.
    Sorry to ask, just won’t to get wirless to work on my laptop.


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