Levanta, Visa Looking at Solaris

Levanta and Visa are looking closely at , according to InformationWeek — Instant Servers Via Virtualization:

Although Levanta’s technology works only with Linux servers, the company plans to support servers running Sun Microsystems’ new open-source OpenSolaris operating system early next year.

OpenSolaris includes Solaris Containers, a feature that allows the creation of multiple virtual machines under one instance of the operating system and resembles Levanta’s approach, where each app on a server can be assigned its own memory, CPU, and storage resources but functions under one running instance of the operating system.

This evolution of server virtualization in open-source environments is attracting attention from top companies, although the technology still has a long way to go for some. Visa USA Inc. is considering Sun’s Solaris Containers technology. “We’re totally in support of these developments,” says Sara Garrison, Visa’s senior VP of technology development for network and open systems. “But we’re running the world’s largest payment system and aren’t in production with any of it. The technology has to be sufficiently mature so that it can handle unprecedented volumes of activity.”

Cool. Welcome, guys.