Thank you, Bloglines

Special thank you to the guys at Bloglines. I keep my blogroll over there (and here, too, but it’s easier to read new stuff there). Well, for some reason, my entire blogroll went bye bye last nite. Over 400 feeds. Just like that. I have no clue why. I pressed refresh, and, poof, gone. Ok, I’m not a technical guy, so at first I thought it was user error (it usually is). But after looking around I concluded that whatever I did by hitting refresh I absolutely didn’t toast my blogroll. No way. I’m innocent this time. Anyway, I emailed tech support at Bloglines before I went to bed, and when I got to work this morning I had my blogroll restored with a response from a tech guy. Very nice. I was pissed last nite and happy this morning. This is a lesson for me to get going on some stuff around here that community people are waiting for! I’m on it, guys. 🙂


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