“We Were Wrong”

Stunning admission from NASA tonight regarding the insulating foam that broke off Discovery’s external fuel tank during the launch yesterday — “We decided it was safe to fly as is,” Mr. Parsons said [according to the NY Times]. “Obviously, we were wrong.”

No spin. No qualifying. No pointing of fingers. Just … “we were wrong.” The story and the investigation will be massive, I’m sure, but it’s refreshing to start with a simple admission of the obvious. The integrity of the Discovery and the safety of the crew do not seem to be in question so far. Let’s all hope so.


One thought on ““We Were Wrong”

  1. It seems that no real damage occurred but they’ve grounded the remaining 3 shuttles (Endeavour, Atlantis and Enterprise). The web coverage has been great, the shuttle is an impressive piece of hardware, its take off is truly majestic.


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