Qld drops IBM for Sun Solaris

Here’s some nice news today — Qld resources drops IBM in $2m Unix migration. It would have been nice to see Sun or Solaris in the headline, but hey, I’ll take it. I wonder, though, why we get the generic term “Unix migration” instead. Anyway, here are some clips from the piece:

In a sign that the Unix turf war of the 90s is still raging, Queensland’s Department of Natural Resource and Mines has migrated its core transaction processing system from IBM to Sun.


“The migration was an 18-month project and involved porting ATS to Solaris as there is some variation between the Unix systems,” [said Michael Droder, the department’s titles automation manager], adding ATS is now running on a 12-way SunFire 6800 with 48GB of memory and a second system for disaster recovery.

The total project cost was $2 million including replacing the servers and migrating the application.

“We’re already saving $200,000 a year through less management and lower hardware maintenance costs,” Droder said. “We already had Sun servers so it was an easy transition; under Sequent we had needed specialized skills.”


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