New OpenSolaris Tech Lead

Stephen Harpster announced our new tech lead for the OpenSolaris project recently. Congrats to Stephen Hahn! You have quite a job cut out for you, Stephen, but we look forward to your technical leadership. The project is clearly entering a new phase, which in many respects will transform OpenSolaris as significantly as the opening itself. The governance and co-development conversations are heating up within the community, and the planning will lead to decisions and implementations before you know it. From the meetings I’ve been sitting in (and getting lost in) lately, the challenges seem pretty substantial. But you know … I said that way back when we were considering the license, the source code analysis, the pilot program, the tools decisions, the web site construction, the two launches (the mini launch in January and the big one in June), and a few (dozen) other things I’m sure I missed along the way. Yet the project seems to be coming together … piece by piece. Some of it surprises me, but most of it is pretty much according to plan. Not that we wrote much of that plan down, or anything, but you get the idea. 🙂 But it’s all on a scale that’s difficult for me to imagine, to be honest, so that’s why Stephen is so important here. Stephen has a mind that can picture this stuff.