OpenSolaris Conversations

Here’s a snapshot of the conversations taking place within the OpenSolaris community since we opened the project on June 14. These numbers represent weekly totals for the Jive discussion forums on the site. In other words … people talking. We’ve had some good technical discussions on the 54 mail lists, and of course we’ve had a flame or two (or three) along the way. But not a bad start for 10 weeks, though, eh? During the entire 9 month pilot program we spun up about 7,500 posts to about 10 mail lists, and that was with about 300 people (145 external and about the same number internal). But with thousands involved now, who knows where this will go. I like the fact that unique visitors is growing pretty rapidly. I’ll keep tracking these conversations, and I’ll post them here from time to time. Maybe we’ll start to see some interesting patters emerge. And hopefully my graph-making skills will improve, too.

Total activity for OpenSolaris discussion forums since June 14:

  • Total views: 489,000
  • Total unique visitors: 162,000
  • Total messages: 6,100
  • Total topics: 1,400

2 thoughts on “OpenSolaris Conversations

  1. Do you think creating a “” would siphon off some of the flame activity to that list? …. probably not 🙂
    Seriously though, I wish more folks would read up on what activites are going on before lobbying a criticism. And the one CDDL/GPL thread was informative, but about halfway through I was wondering if all of the strict GPL advocates (I think the silent majority probably understand that GPL and other licenses make sense) were using something other than Mozilla/Firefox on a regular basis.
    Are you on all of the 54 mail lists?


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