Pro Bono?

I love this sentence from eWeek’s Open Source: It’s Still All about Control

Now, I think they’ll have other troubles — getting a significant programming community on board to work pro bono for Sun — but Sun does keep what it wanted: control.

Ok, just when have we asked anyone to “work pro bono for Sun” anyway? I must have missed that one.

I think we already have a significant OpenSolaris programming community that contributes to this kernel — most are currently employed by Sun Microsystems, and they live in various Solaris engineering groups. We are building a co-development process that leverages the Solaris development methodology and extends that to engage with non-Sun OpenSolaris developers who are coming from the entire Solaris base around the world. Over time, the project will diversify greatly, but we’ve only been open for a couple of months. Besides, I doubt any of these guys would “work pro bono for Sun” because they have their own jobs, and they have their own business and technical reasons for getting involved with the OpenSolaris project. That’s why I like this community so much — it has an undercurrent of seriousness, both business and technical.


2 thoughts on “Pro Bono?

  1. Bill … I think we’ll get some credit for all this stuff when we start make money (in terms of what Wall Street expects, I mean) and release even *more* code, which we are certainly planning to do.


  2. Wow! Just took a look at what needs to be done to fix a OpenSolaris bug here –
    Amazing bureaucracy. Loking at this, one can’t possibly imagine you would get a boat load of contributors and bug fixes any time soon – bureaucracy kills enthusiasm. On top of that you want a contributor to find a sponsor and have all sorts of obstacles on his/her path. It’s not a paid for job nor is it a school to do such kind of things.


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