Some nice comments on CDDL and the OpenSolaris community from Paul Murphy today talking about the challenges in open source licensing. According to Paul:

The best answer so far, at least in my opinion as a non lawyer, is Sun’s community development license. Basically this is a have your cake and eat it too deal: developers keep proprietary code proprietary, participate in the free as in freedom world being built up around openSolaris, and work inside a patent umbrella held up, not just by Sun, but by mutual agreement among participating developers. In other words, Joe developer can adopt openSolaris and the CDDL ( Common Development Distribution License) without spending a nickel on legal fees and be reasonably confident that not doing something criminal (or just criminally stupid) will suffice to protect himself from legal action.

Combine the CDDL with the fact that Solaris is the best OS around, and it’s easy to see why the openSolaris community is exploding …