Media Bias

Paul Murphy has a nice piece on the media’s reaction to some of Sun’s recent hardware announcements — A deafening silence: the media on Sun. Paul’s view is that Sun put out some pretty good stuff recently, the media basically yawned, and customers are not getting the best information as a result.

While my default position traditionally has been to agree with this view, I’m not sure it matters that much anymore. There are so many places to get your information now, the media being just one. Some of it is garbage, true, but other stuff really quite good. Besides, I read some pretty good coverage from those launches as well. Coverage on Sun is mixed right now, whereas just a little while ago it was all pretty dark. My goodness … remember all that “Sun setting” stuff out there? So, we’re getting better — the coverage is improving. But we’ve made some pretty big changes in the company the last two years, and it will take more time for the press to catch up. I think this will all be reflected in the coverage in the future if we execute on all these new products and strategies. Look, bad coverage and competitive attacks used to really bother me. It doesn’t anymore. I now view it as all just conversation. At this point, I feel like I can respond to some stuff to make a point if I want to and let other stuff just pass as if I had never seen it. The choice is 100 percent mine, and I exercise it with pretty much zero consistency. Paul’s piece is compelling and detailed, and I can see he gets where we are going. So he’s probably a bit ahead of the game.