Pre Pilot Community Dev Plan

I posted my old community development plan for OpenSolaris — which was during the pre-pilot phase of the project. That’s a long time ago. I had to take out the  customer data from the early feedback sessions we did, but basically it’s pretty much as it was back then. My little part of it, anyway. I’m going to pick through all my old stuff and publish what I can to go along with my OpenSolaris Story and other presos I’m currently working on. It will all be linked in the right nav bar for safe keeping. In retrospect, I don’t really like the format I chose for this plan — or even some of the language I used back then — but it was a beginning, and I had to start somewhere, right? I say "start" for a good reason because the plan looks so small now compared to what we actually did. The blog launch was not in the plan. The CAB was not in the plan. And other stuff came along while we were working things in real time, so all of our plans had to adjust. I have some recent commentary in the document to set context if anyone is interested. Aside from publishing old stuff for the sake of history, I’ll be working on all my new presos right on this blog. Anyone is free to comment or participate.