Links for Tues, Feb 7

For some reason, my daily blog post function on delicious flaked last nite. No links. No clue why. My little “thingy,” as they call it, seemed to be set up properly. Oh, well. No matter. I sort of like doing it manually, anyway. Maybe I’ll do it this way for a while. It’s more flexible, actually. I can rapidly collect and tag the links via delicious, which is the real time savings, and then play with the order and format and add longer comments, etc. We’ll see. Anyway, here are yesterday’s links:

OpenSolaris Games /  tags: opensolaris opensource games
New community opened on today for games.

OpenSolaris Games / tags: opensolaris opensource
Brendan Gregg leads the new OpenSolaris Games Community.

Non-Debug OpenSolaris / tags: opensolaris opensource
OpenSolaris engineer Alan Hargreaves offers some audio. Sounds great, Alan.

Back to Old School Blogging / tags: blogs timemanagement
Totally agree. Cutting comments is a good way to save time — something I’m running short of myself these days. I’m sure I’ll cut comments in the future. Right now I don’t get enough garbage in my comments (most are helpful, actually), but if it just becomes all crap I’ll have no problem flipping the “off” switch.

Russell Beattie drops comments / tags: blogs timemanagement
Ben Metcalfe comments: “As a cluetrain fan, I’d have to say that a blog isn’t a blog unless it has comments.” That’s so completely wrong.

Is a blog without comments still a blog? / tags: blogs
More from those who think that blogs must to have comments if they are to be considered blogs at all. Nice. Nothing like choice and independence and openness, eh? This conversation reminds me of high school.

No Comments Pushback / tags: blogs
Russell Beattie: “I will publish this weblog how I want, about what I want and you read if you want. That’s it, very simple.” Works for me. Blogs are personal journals, and the blogger should have the last say, not a judgmental mob.

What’s Up with NetBeans? / tags: opensource netbeans eclipse sun ibm
I absolutely love this.

OpenSolaris buzzes Red Hat / tags: opensource opensolaris
Alan Burlison on O’reilly noticing the buzz around NetBeans. Seems OpenSolaris is mentioned as well. I’m not surprised at all. The conversation around OpenSolaris on the net has been steadily growing and will continue to grow as we open more of this system.

New OpenSolaris downloads page /  tags: opensource opensolaris
Some praise for Bonnie’s new downloads page.

OpenSolaris Charter / tags: opensolaris opensource
Stephen Hahn published the current OpenSolaris Charter. We’re getting close to finalizing this. Once the Charter is approved, the CAB will move to governance discussions.


5 thoughts on “Links for Tues, Feb 7

  1. Hi Jim!

    You wrote:

    > I sort of like doing it manually, anyway, etc…

    You know, that’s what I started doing too! More control, more flexibility, as you say. And like you, I still use to capture and clasify bookmarks that I want to blog about. Then I put their script into a temporary local html file, browse to it w/ firefox, and do a “save as webpage complete”. That captures the html code that the script generates which I can then cut and paste into a blog post.


  2. That context is helpful. Thank you. I still disagree, though. This mob behavior is common when someone dumps comments. I have no clue who Russ is, by the way, so I have zero background. I only commented because I tripped over the reaction to his post. I thought it was funny. And typical.


  3. The really interesting thing is that those who Russel attacked in his post weren’t a judgemental mob. A quick read of the comments on Russ’ action would reveal “turn of comments on your own blog, but it would be a courtesy to retain past comments” is hardly a judgemental mob statement. You’re probably too busy to take in the whole conversation, so thought I’d provide that bit of context for you.
    If you’ve read his blog for a while, then you know that temper tantrums are to be expected. Remember when he was unintentionally omitted from the initial invites to FooCamp? The good O’Reilly folks were lamblasted publicly. Like I would ask my five year old nephew when he acts out….I’m sure that felt good, but was it necessary?
    The good news is that my traffic and subcriber numbers increase substantially when Russ spews in my direction, so I’m trying figure out how to repeat this feat weekly.


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