OpenSolaris Charter: Approved

This past Wednesday the OpenSolaris Community Advisory Board (CAB) voted to approve the OpenSolaris Charter after many months of conversation. Today, Sun Microsystems also approved the Charter, and the document was signed by Glenn Weinberg, vice president of Sun’s Operating Platforms Group.

The OpenSolaris Charter enfranchises the "OpenSolaris Governing Board (OGB) to manage and direct an OpenSolaris community in its efforts to improve upon and advocate in favor of OpenSolaris, so that the community may long endure."  The current CAB members now comprise the initial OGB, and their first order of business is to create an OpenSolaris Constitution. These governance conversations have already begun, and the documents will be written, debated, iterated, and ratified in the open — just as the development of the Charter was done in the open.

Congratulations to the five CAB members — Simon Phipps, Al Hopper, Roy Fielding, Rich Teer, Casper Dik — as well as to OpenSolaris engineers Stephen Hahn and Keith Wesolowski for all their efforts in writing, editing, and debating the Charter. Also, a special thanks goes out to those OpenSolaris community members who provided valuable feedback on the drafts.