OpenSolaris Community Newsletter

The OpenSolaris Program Team has been publishing a newsletter for about a year in an attempt to educate people within Sun about OpenSolaris. But recently we started asking for community contributions in an effort to open the process and expand the publication’s scope. So, now the OpenSolaris Newsletter lives within the Content Project, and we are trying to make it a community effort. The last two issues — January 2006 and February 2006 — are online.

All community members are welcome to participate. In fact, we’re specifically looking for contributors because we feel that there’s no other way to publish a comprehensive monthly newsletter about a community as large and diverse as OpenSolaris. No one person touches it all, basically, so we’d like to distribute our content sources as widely as possible.

The newsletter attempts to offer a snapshot of the OpenSolaris Program as well as what’s going on within the community. Both are important and both are related. We realize we can’t capture everything in every issue, but at least it’s a start. We cover community/project issues, contributions, new source and binary releases, website updates, user groups, governance, etc. We are considering adding some new categories to the newsletter — such as a “Community & Project Highlights” section, where one group would have some space to talk about any important development; an “Anecdote of the Month” section, where a community member could tell a brief personal story about some issue or experience; and a “Conferences” section, where community members can talk about their travels to various events around the world. These are just some suggestions I made; we’ll have to see what actually comes to fruition.

If you are interested in getting involved, you can talk to us on program-team or opensolaris-discuss. Just put “newsletter” in the subject field. The editor will keep track of contributions, and list the names of participants in each issue. The newsletter is now issued on the first day of each month, and the deadline for submissions is 10 a.m. Pacific time the previous day. Also, the editorial team is looking for feedback on the content and format of the newsletter, so please feel free to suggest changes.