43 Code Contributions

We’ve had four new request-sponsor putbacks recently. Thanks to Juergen Keil, Richard Lowe, and Rob Benson for these four bug fixs and to Dan Mick, Dan Price, Dana Myers, and Rao Shoaib for sponsoring the fixs through to putback. We now have a total of 89 code contributions offered to OpenSolaris since the project opened June 14, 2005. Forty three have been integrated, 18 are in progress, and three are awaiting sponsors. The majority of these fixes are oss-bite-size bugs the Solaris engineers identified before we launched to get people started contributing code. We’ll be increasing this bite-size list, by the way.

You can see all the code contributors, their sponsors, and the bugs fixed in the code contributor report, and we are working on a contributor section for the website to point out all the code and non-code contributions we are getting on the project. Once we get some of this stuff organized a bit more, I think you’ll see that people are contributing to OpenSolaris in a variety of ways. We expect that trend to continue, and we expect the contributions to diversify even more as the project matures.