Just dig your fingers in and go!

Ben Rockwood is profiled as a Sun Community Champion. Here are some of his thoughts on the OpenSolaris community:

“There are more than a dozen parts of the project that I’d enjoy coding on more actively but currently I think growing the community is the most effective way to establish a well rounded and exciting project.”

“It is the community itself that holds the most promise. The ability to get involved wherever you choose, coder or not, and to be able to drive new projects that are tailored to your interests and needs.”

“Just dig your fingers in and go! There is a place for anyone and everyone, from support, to evangelism, to governance, to tools, to integration, to kernel hacking, and on and on.”

Nice stuff. Check out the entire interview from Heidi Dailey at the Sun Developer Network.


2 thoughts on “Just dig your fingers in and go!

  1. Thanks also to Jim Grisanzio and other Sun employees that blog on a regular interval and give those outside Sun some insights into the “bigger picture” revolving around the industry as well as [Open]Solaris.


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