Best wishes to John Loiacono, executive vice president of Sun’s Software business unit. He’s on his way to Adobe just down the street in San Jose. Nineteen years at Sun. Amazing. I was always impressed with JohnnyL. With his optimism and his drive and his willingness to learn and do whatever was necessary to get the job done. He’s a class act. He always treated me well, too. Many times executives don’t notice us little guys, but I never had that impression with him. Every time I spoke with him I felt he was genuinely listening. Johnny also helped me get this job on OpenSolaris. A few years ago, I had heard that we were going to open Solaris, and I was all over it. If true, it would represent the single biggest opportunity at Sun in a very long time. Well, a few emails to the boss (at the time, he ran Solaris engineering), and he connected me with the team staffing up to do just that — open source Solaris. Very cool.