Bad Links

I’m not supposed to link to this story — 60% Of Windows Vista Code To Be Rewritten — so I thought I’d do it anyway. I don’t believe the story, to be honest. But Microsoft’s Robert Scoble — a guy I respect a great deal — now advocates (here, here, here) that the reporter be fired and that no one link to him.

According to Scoble:

“… we should now start deriding people who link to non-credible sources. I will. Anyone who links to that jerk down in Australia anymore is simply not doing bloggers any favors. Same for anyone who links to the Register. I don’t believe a word they write.”

Well, I think I’ll continue to link to whoever I feel like linking to. I don’t view linking as having anything to do with credibility, either. And I doubt Robert will dump on me or deride anyone as a result of everyone ignoring his suggestion. I think he’s just pissed about this story spinning out of control. Hey, we’ve all been there. I mean, here at Sun we’ve endured a massive amount of bad press over the past few years. Some of it was well deserved, but much of it was obviously just piling on. Things have improved recently because we’re shipping a bunch of new stuff, and we are turning the company around. Quality reporters recognize this. These things cycle. They are normal. You can’t thwart them. And you certainly can’t deride bloggers for linking to someone you say isn’t credible. Instead, if a bad story or blog comes your way just undermine it with the facts and let everyone decide for themselves who is credible.