Intel Mac and Solaris

Hopefully I’ll be able to get one of those fancy new Intel Macs some day soon. I’m really interested in getting back into Macs (where I was born but left long ago), but I want to run Solaris on it as well. I’d like to have the best of both worlds. That’s all I need and I’ll be happy. Thanks to Sun engineers Jan Setje-Eilers and Dan Price and OpenSolaris community member Jürgen Keil for their work on this. Jürgen’s bug fixes should be integrated soon (which should get us pretty close to 50 putbacks for OpenSolaris this year). Others seem to be interested in running Solaris on these new machines as well. Jan’s blog numbers went wild when he posted this last week, and there are two threads (here, here) on the OpenSolaris Jive forums that are getting a lot of attention, too.