Fox Rolls out Solaris

Well this is cool — Fox Sees Sun’s Solaris and Fox Television Stations Turns to Sun Servers, Storage and Solaris 10 as Foundation for New Sales and Traffic System. By the way, the really long headline is the press release; the shorter one is a news article. Imagine that. Anyway, a nice win for Solaris and for Fox, and it’s nice to see Solaris kicking competitors out of accounts again. Now, does this mean I have to get cable?


One thought on “Fox Rolls out Solaris

  1. You have to admire Katherine Parker’s quote….”We’re providing thin clients called Java stations, which are ideal for [a] customer care environment because they don’t have brains.” [emphasis mine]Now is that any way to talk about one’s customers, even though it may be truthful?Oh, and great news about the Google SoC Jim.


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