Solaris on Fire

Lots of Solaris in this piece — Lighting a fire under Solaris. There’s so much going on around here I can’t keep up. Actually, I’ve given up trying … it’s too big and there are too many people doing too many things. Which is great and clearly demonstrates the substance supporting that headline. It’s been this way for more than three years now, but just in the last year or so people are really seeing it generally. Here are a couple of quotes from the article:

“They’re pushing the envelope,” Tony Iams, an analyst at Ideas International, said about Sun’s aggressive research and development efforts for Solaris.

All the development work has brought around some sceptics. Solaris’ future earlier appeared “not bleak, (but) increasingly niche and high-end,” RedMonk analyst Stephen O’Grady wrote in a March blog posting. Now, having seen the fruits of technology development and the open-source work, he’s more enthusiastic.

“I’m fairly positive on the prospects for Solaris,” O’Grady wrote. “It’s really made remarkable strides in a short period of time.”

Also, it’s great to see Peder Ulander, Sun’s new vice president of Software marketing, out there so quickly talking up Solaris. Peder, as you know, returned to Sun recently.