As usual, I sent a mail out this week with the latest code contributions — 1 new request-sponsor putback: 51 total. Sometimes it’s one putback, sometimes it’s five or six. I enjoy sending these messages out because it gives me a chance to personally thank the contributors and the sponsors. This is a big deal for me … this process of contributing to a community effort — no matter what the contribution happens to be. Bonnie really follows the code contributions and works that program much more closely than I do at this point, though.

Anyway, I’ve been focusing my attention on the number of putbacks because it’s starting to get right up there for our first year in business — especially considering the lack of infrastructure for this sort of thing (which is coming, of course). But when I sent out this particular mail I was surprised that the number of fixes in the works is also 51. Where the hell did that come from? I haven’t been paying good enough attention lately. It’s been steadily climbing because we’re steadily making progress — despite some somewhat awkward tools. We all do some much every day around here that sometimes we have to stop and recognize just how far we’ve come. I still remember sitting in a meeting a couple of years ago when someone asked: “So, how much code do you think we’ll get in the first year?” The room went quiet. We all shrugged. We had no clue — even the smart ones. So, these code contribution numbers are really great to see in our first year. So, I wonder how many we’ll end up with by anniversary time: June 14, 2006? I still have no clue …