Rubber Meets the Road

I’ve always loved the expression, “Where the rubber meets the road.” It’s just a simple way of putting something that cuts through the parsing, the shades of grey, the excuses, the nuances. The bullshit, basically. It works or it doesn’t. So it’s my favorite quote from this really nice Q&A where Kirk McKusick interviews Jarod Jensen. They dive into the reality and complexity of performance issues in mission-critical business systems. Somewhere buried in the article Jarod says, “What is always best, in my opinion, is to go to where the rubber meets the road. The developers …” Also some excellent conversation about working in teams, organizational dynamics, and just plain taking responsibility for problems. Jarod shoots straight. He’s remarkably precise. And I get the impression he focuses a lot. If you’ve never met him, don’t miss the opportunity if you have the chance. He’s pure gold. Here’s another recent interview as well.