Alfred Chuang: OpenSolaris is Useless

So, I get up this morning for an early meeting (who the hell does 7 am meetings in California anyway?) and I was reading my newspaper (The Register) and I see this — BEA takes JBoss and Sun to task on open source. I figured it was on Java, so I passed initially. But then couldn’t resist the lure of that headline, so I peeked. In the fourth paragraph, I found this:

Picking on Sun’s OpenSolaris program Chuang said: “Look at those who blindly open source. Solaris – two million lines of code. Useless.”

Well, if the quote is accurate, I have no clue what would prompt Chuang to attack OpenSolaris like this. Do you? I don’t know anything about BEA, but most of what I’ve heard over the years has really been quite positive. Anyway, almost a year ago, we opened 10 million lines of code, not two million. Big difference. And for most of this year, we’ve been opening more code and entire Solaris consolidations pretty consistently. So the number of lines of code is actually much higher and will get even higher because we are still opening stuff. But that doesn’t even matter. Sometimes things are big and sometimes they are small and that has nothing to do with value. So, because Chuang thinks we only opened two million lines, does that make us “useless” as he suggests? I’d encourage Chuang to sign up to, join our mailing lists, and engage in an open — and direct — conversation with the OpenSolaris developers. They hold a slightly different opinion about OpenSolaris (as do our customers), and their numbers are growing. Oh, and the “blindly” bit? Actually, the opening of Solaris took years — as it should have — and we’re not even done yet.