Fast Eddie

Nice interview with Ed Zander, CEO of Motorola, at the Gartner conference a few weeks ago. The guy knows mobile. Zander also spoke at JavaOne, where he commented about the growth of the Java community, the value the technology offers as a platform for mobile applications, and the fact that he was there for the very first announcement of Java a decade ago. But he also mentioned several times the phrase “Java on Linux, Java on Linux” during his appearances, which is cool. And I guess he also ships a Windows phone as well. Ok, so I wonder … who will be the first to do a port and ship a distribution of OpenSolaris on these devices? Java on OpenSolaris anyone?



2 thoughts on “Fast Eddie

  1. Interesting idea about porting OpenSolaris to Motorola phone. But the lack of OpenSolaris is a small range of supported CPU types (really only three: SPARC, x64 and i386).
    As Linux has more supported hardware platforms/CPUs, it is more attractive for hardware/firmware vendors.
    Porting Solaris to ARM/PowerPC/.. (all other Linux supported CPUs) may change it in a future.


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