OpenSolaris at One

Congratulations to the OpenSolaris community! We’re one!

Our first year is behind us now, but it was a year filled with accomplishments (here, here) — many of which no one could have foreseen and very few had predicted.

After the release of OpenSolaris last year, communities, projects, and user groups formed consistently on and around the world, while at the same time Sun continued releasing code. A lot of code. In fact, there were sixteen additional releases of code over a seven month period last year:

  1. JDS Consolidation: 10/28/05
  2. DevPro Consolidation: 11/10/05: SCCS, make (binaries)
  3. OpenGrok Project: 11/15/05
  4. ZFS Project: 11/16/05: integrated into ON build 27
  5. BrandZ Project: 12/13/05
  6. JDS Consolidation: 12/23/05
  7. Network Storage Consolidation: 1/27/06
  8. DevPro Consolidation: 2/22/06: libm
  9. DevPro Consolidation: 2/28/06: libmtsk (binaries)
  10. Install Consolidation: 3/6/06: packaging tools
  11. SFW Consolidation: 3/28/06
  12. Documentation Consolidation: 3/31/06: 2 manuals
  13. X Window System Consolidation: 3/31/06:
  14. Globalization Consolidation 5/12/06
  15. Documentation Consolidation: 5/31/06: 2 manuals
  16. DevPro Consolidation: 6/12/06: C version mediaLib

Not bad. That makes 9 consolidations from Solaris that have been opened so far. And there are still more releases planned for this year.

Also, we’ve had thousands of conversations on our forums that have reached millions of people around the world. Ok, there were a few flame wars tossed in there, but that made it all the more interesting. We welcomed code contributions from two dozen community members totaling 100 putbacks — a number that is absolutely exceptional. We discussed and wrote a development process that will help ensure technical quality on the project. After an open evaluation process, we selected a source code management system and will implement it this year. We wrote a Charter enfranchising the community, and we are writing a merit-based Constitution so we can truly run the community as a community. We are doing interesting new things with the code, such as creating distributions and porting the technology to new platforms (here, here, here, here). And OpenSolaris is being taught in dozens of the leading computer science institutions around the world. The list goes on, but that’s quite a year, wouldn’t you say?

We should be proud of all these accomplishments, but humble as well. There remains a great deal of technical work and community building ahead of us, and this will be our challenge for next year.

Today, as we celebrate our first year, community members are blogging about their experiences with OpenSolaris and talking on IRC and in the OpenSolaris forums. Others are being recognized for their valuable contributions to the project in the community’s First Annual OpenSolaris Contributor Awards .

The OpenSolaris source code may be what we talk about and work on, but communities at their heart are about people who are passionate and who are moved to action. And for me, that’s what we are really celebrating today. Our community.

OpenSolaris is by far the most successful project I’ve been associated with in about a decade. It offers many opportunities for many people, which I think demonstrates very nicely the open community model we are trying to build. For that I’m not only proud, but thankful.



2 thoughts on “OpenSolaris at One

  1. it has been a great year, thank you for all the hard work, it’s been worth it, i promise i will do more than bloging about it when i get some more free time. i am looking forward to translating some more of the documentation
    nachox (aka darkjoker)


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