OpenSolaris Anniversary Blogs

I read some really nice OpenSolaris anniversary blogs today ….

Striding Out
“I feel privileged to have been allowed to be a part of it.” — Peter Tribble

OpenSolaris Birthday Festivities
Dan Price outlines a couple of dozen or so OpenSolaris anniversary blogs on day one. Dan did the organizing of this year’s anniversary blog event, as well.

Happy 1st. B-Day OpenSolaris
“Who would of thought that OpenSolaris would of done half of what is listed below. Not me and I was on the OpenSolaris Pilot project that started over 18 months ago.” — James Dickens

OpenSolaris – JFDI
“We’ve shown this year, that what we can do together is really something incredible.” — Tim Foster

365 days of OpenSolaris uptime
“I am very proud to be part of it.” — Cyril Plisko

Happy Birthday OpenSolaris Docs!
“‘Wish we could have a screen shot of what the docs community looked like on June 14, 2005 and compare it to what you see today. What a world of a difference!” — Sue Weber

The Butterfly Effect Revisited
“What a difference a year makes …” — Dan Price

one year down….
Steve comments on SCM for OpenSolaris. This is the critical next step for the project.

OpenSolaris: first anniversary
Time flies!

OpenSolaris is 1
“What a daring thing to do – take a company’s primo software product, Solaris OS, and make it free and open source!” — Richard Friedman

Happy 1st birthday, OpenSolaris!
A nice summary of the year from a guy who was there from the very beginning: Rich Teer.

Open Solaris Anniversary
“A quick glance at the stats shows Open Solaris already is a success with more people interested than everyone thought. I think that Open Solaris after one year is far ahead of that we all expected it to be, which is very good.” — Robert Milkowski

The First Birthday
“There’s a lot of one year olds that can barely walk or articulate, and for an evolving open source community, OpenSolaris is doing just peachy. Happy birthday dude.” — Glynn Foster

Happy Birthday to OpenSolaris!
“To me part of OpenSolaris is all about acknowledging and growing the community on Solaris for x86 (and now x64).” — Matt Ingenthron

Happy Birthday OpenSolaris!
1 year after we launched OpenSolaris, we have 100 community code contributions integrated. I’m excessively proud and a bit awed by it all.” — Karyn Ritter

Happy Anniversary OpenSolaris
“I’d like to thank everyone who aided in my recovery, got involved this year, offered suggestions, input, disagreements and passion – and taught me how to do open source marketing.” — Sara Dornsife

OpenSolaris: on one year
“It’s been just as gratifying to see the changes in the community-wide conversations, as the formerly-Solaris-only jargon evolves into a wider community idiom that we all share. ” — Stephen Hahn

OpenSolaris turns 1
“A grateful thanks to all those who have been patient with me this past year. In particular, jmcp, dclarke, dan mick, eric saxe and dan price. Thanks! :)” — Jeremy Teo

Happy Birthday OpenSolaris
“It is amazing to think it’s already been one year since we launched OpenSolaris.” — Jamie Foley

What makes it great
“With the launch of OpenSolaris, the proverbial curtain was thrown back, and communication and collaboration between Solaris engineers and users/customers took on a new meaning (sky-rocketed is more like it). — Eric Boutilier

OpenSolaris: The First Year
“So it has been 1 year since Sun did the unthinkable, opened Solaris. Make no mistake, this was a significant event for our industry.” — Bill Rushmore

In My Reflecting Pool
“A year ago today, the realization of something that many of us at Sun had pushed and wished for finally came true — the open sourcing of the Solaris source code and the creation of the OpenSolaris Project.” — David Comay

One Year of OpenSolaris and X
Alan Coopersmith reviews X and OpenSolaris this year.

Happy First Birthday OpenSolaris
“This is a thriving community and I feel honoured to be a part of it.” — Alan Hargreaves

OpenSolaris Turns 1: A Year in Review
“From me to everyone, from Jonathan down to the trolls on Slashdot, thanks for helping make this a great year and lets look forward to some truly great things in the year ahead!” — Ben Rockwood

Sun Birthday Cluster
“The result of all our hard work to integrate GNOME 2.14 into OpenSolaris just before Christmas is that for the first time in quite a while, I can generally use my Solaris desktop box all day every day to do my job.” — Calum Benson

Happy First Birthday OpenSolaris
“My contributions to the OpenSolaris project have been a labor of love, and I look forward to contributing more over the years to come.” — Shawn Walker

Secure by default
“The whole thing is about making Solaris install in a mode that is secure out of the box. This should be a no brainer, but since Solaris always strive to be backward compatible it is not easy doing a change like this.” — Martin Englund

Joey Guo summarizes the absolutely outstanding year they have with OpenSolaris in China.

OpenSolaris flogs it’s first birthday candle!
“It is now 1 year from the day Sun first announced OpenSolaris, and it’s certainly come quite a ways in the first year.” — Alan DuBoff

The Alethiometer
“Winning the SIIA Codie Award for best open source solution. Our traction with universities have blown me away as well. Thirty-two universities are using OpenSolaris in their curriculum. Five are Centers of Excellence.” — Stephen Harpster

OpenSolaris – 1 year of opening Sun development
“I think the most important direct effect is that users and customers now ask direct questions about how something works and developers can explain them exactly what is going on. ” — Alexander Kolbasov

OpenSolaris… 1 year on
“I’ve noticed a real difference in the way discussions now happen inside Sun, and it’s a fantastic thing…. kinda like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly.There’s been a visible crossover from discussions held in public.” — James C. McPherson

Birthday Gifts
“The best birthday gift an open source community can receive are code contributions and OpenSolaris has a mound of them – delightful.” — Simon Phipps

Livin’ on the edge
“OpenSolaris has built a community which crosses organizational boundaries, and as such it has torn down the barriers to open communication.” — Eric Lowe


Apologies to those I missed … it’s getting late.