S10 Winning Back Customers

It’s great to see coverage of Solaris 10 winning back customers:

Sun’s ‘Try Before You Buy’ Program Wins Back DigiTar — “DigiTar decided to give Sun another chance last year after hearing good reviews for its Solaris 10 release … DigiTar has since purchased two T2000 servers, and has consolidated the operation of 10 Hewlett-Packard servers based on Advanced Micro Device’s Opteron processors on to each machine with about 50% headroom left.”

Frontier seeks online bookings boost with tech upgrade: The airline is moving from Windows to Solaris — “Frontier completed the migration last month to a J2EE environment with Solaris on Sun Microsystems servers that use Advanced Micro Devices Opteron processors. The new system can handle 500,000 transactions an hour; the older one could handle about a tenth of that.”

Solaris on SPARC and Opteron seems to be offering a one-two punch …


2 thoughts on “S10 Winning Back Customers

  1. Thanks, Dennis. And I totally agree. I also think that’s why we took so much flack last year. I think some non-supporters just knew that eventually we’ve have quite an offering for developers and customers. Oh, by the way, I put your new blog feed on opensolaris.org, too. 🙂


  2. Lately I have had occasion to talk with some corner office type execs and I am hearing the same thing, Solaris is looking really attractive. The cost of a license of commercial grade Linux is climbing ( see SUSE Enterprise Linux 10 ) and the costs over time are also quite large. The features and zero barrier to entry for Solaris is winning some big sales numbers when it comes to support contracts. Think many millions. I was recently in a media company in Toronto that is making a whole hog leap into Solaris and Opteron and the geeks on site are just flabberghasted at how dead easy Zones and ZFS are. The open source was another “feature” of the commercial grade product. Try getting that from Novell. There is a lot going on out there and Sun has people coming to the table that you will not hear about in Gartner Reports for another six months or longer. I hate anonymous style comments and quoteing sources that I can’t divulge and all that. Its cheesy. But I can’t resist telling people psssst .. hey … heard about that $24M sale ? Or how about the absolute all time record breaker sale in Australia for the history of the company? No? Man, I don’t even work for Sun ( in any capacity ) and I am hearing these things in external sites and over lunch meetings. On other topics .. love your blog lately Jim.


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