5 Million

This week we crossed over the five million mark for total views to the 123 OpenSolaris Jive discussion forums. We’ll top the 3 million mark for unique visitors next week. Congratulations to the OpenSolaris community! The numbers also show a pretty significant increase in activity around the anniversary (weeks 53-55) and then a well-deserved cooling off period. Sun in the United States was closed for the first week of July (week 56), so that could have accounted for some of the drop off. Otherwise, the pattern is pretty much the same as it’s been all along. Not a very scientific analysis, I realize, but I’m not trying to be. 🙂


There was some discussion on the OpenSolaris website list and the marketing list a few weeks ago about the anniversary and results from the community activities. Some people were disappointed, particularly in the press coverage and the hits to the website. True, some of the press coverage wasn’t that great (but that’s normal), but some of it was just fine and one article was really quite good. But the anniversary was not a marketing exercise with deliverables and metrics intended to be sent to executives for presentations. Instead, it was intended to be simply a low key community celebration, and I think the results are clear — totally positive. Again, not very scientific, but what can I say. Good enough.