Building Communities: Update

I’m writing a new article called Building Communities based on multiple posts and presentations I’ve done in the past. It’s not nearly finished, but it’s a pretty good start at this point. I’ll evolve the piece on its own page since it will be long, and I’ll also build out a comprehensive resources section as I trip across good links. It’s just a way for me to casually collect some bits over time about interesting community building techniques based on my own experiences or other community builders I study. It’s just a hobby. And I’m not focusing on any one community specifically or even any one industry, actually. Instead, I’m more interested in exploring the underlying concepts of community building — who, what, where, when, why, how — and what results from all those activities. History documents a massive number and variety of communities throughout the ages, so I’ll be looking into this for a while. Comments welcome.


2 thoughts on “Building Communities: Update

  1. Good point. I think I’ll add Change or Dealing with Crisis or Managing Change or something. In fact, all project experience significant change as they evolve. That’s one of the things I get at when I say to build for flexibility and modularity, but I think it needs its own section because there are social, digital, and physical things to consider/manage.


  2. Just a brief skim but it looks pretty comprehensive.

    Adding to this post and the previous post you might want to add a section on what happens when things change.

    There have been a couple of press pieces about the OGB and their impatience with Oracle since the merger.

    Things aren’t always static and dynamics can cause the community to change.



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