The Poor Give More

Well this should shock no one — The poor give more than the rich. Even though the rich obviously have much more give, as a percentage of their wealth and income, they don’t. The reason seems clear: the poor lack resources and, thus, can empathize with those who also lack resources. The rich don’t. Now, these statements can be gross generalizations going both ways, of course, but the statistics documenting those who give show a trend that has been well-known for a long time. However, new research points to a more interesting bit: it’s not the people who are inherently greedy or generous, it’s the circumstances in which people find themselves that changes their behavior. Again, it gets back to whether you live your poverty or whether you just see a little poverty on TV every now and then. So, convince rich people they are poor and they get more generous. Convince poor people they are rich and they get more greedy. I guess the rich and poor aren’t that far apart after all, eh? Except for the cash, of course.