Sleeping on the Train

I ride the trains in Tokyo all the time, and I rarely see such rude behavior as sleeping full length on the seats. Well, sometimes on Friday nights things get messy when people get drop dead drunk, but I have only seen this bed behavior one other time. This particular train below is actually full, but everyone got out of the way when I got my camera out and started taking images of the sleeper. And although people always sleep on the trains in Tokyo, they generally have the courtesy to sleep while sitting or standing. But at least this guy didn’t put those fancy shoes on the seat. That would be really bad.



3 thoughts on “Sleeping on the Train

  1. Ah my dear Jim –
    judging from the shoes and dress, perhaps he is one of the local “tough guys” … or “wanna-be yakuza” …



  2. Yep. This is the Yamanote-sen, which circles Tokyo and it`s generally cleaner than some of the other lines. But in general, the trains in Japan are very clean. They are like operating rooms, compared to New York City, too. 🙂


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